Невские маскарадные и сибирские коты

Невская маскарадная и сибирская кошка Невские маскарадные и сибирские коты Невские маскарадные и сибирские кошки Невские маскарадные и сибирские котята Выпускники питомника невских маскарадных и сибирских кошек. Невские маскарадные и сибирские кошки кастраты Питомник невских маскарадных и сибирских кошек из Королевства О породе невская маскарадная и сибирская кошка.


Neva Masquerade
and siberian cats

On this page you can get acquainted with our producers, about ours courageous Siberian cats, the Nevsky maskaradny and traditional colors. To get acquainted with the father of the Siberian kitten whom you have chosen to yourself or to pick up to your Siberian beauty the groom.

W.Ch.Korolevich Laskoviy Zver`

Color seal-silver-tabby-point

Ancestor of our Nursery, beauty and pride! It is closed for knittings.

Gr.Int.Ch. Ostap Volzhskaya Krasa

Color black spotted

The tender, sociable boy and the excellent father, is the carrier of a gold gene. It is closed for knittings.

Gr.Int.Ch.Dragosh Iz Korolevstva

Color black-golden blotched

Cat of a rare extreme gold color with the same character

Ch.Irbis Iz Korolevsta

Color black spotted

You don't look at his severe look, it is very charming.

Wader Skazka Sibiri*RU

Color black golden spotted

Ch.Lel` Iz Korolevsta

Color seal-silver- tabby-point

The young handsome man - the Nevsky maskaradny cat


Show Man Zoloto Rusi

Color seal- golden-tabby-point


Mitra Iz Korolevstva*RUS

Окрас golden-spotted